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Parent Night ADM Feedback

"I struggled for months with the boot and bar, I was then introduced to the adm and myself and my son couldn't be happier. He wears his boot every night with no problems and his foot is looking great!" Parent using the Night ADM and non-compliant with the boots and bar.

“Currently there are only two users of the ADMs in our city, this includes my child. Unfortunately not many doctors know much information about this product. However, we are very grateful for all your help and sending you a picture of a happy patient!” Parent using the Night ADM.

“I am delighted to be able to help you with the ADM treatment evolution. Your product has changed my son’s life, and I am sure it will change the lives of many more kids! I thank you very much on my son’s behalf.” Mum of a boy who trialled the first version of the ADM and continues to use the Night ADM for the child's treatment.

“We had our first check up this morning. They are extremely happy with his foot, said it's never been better. Very happy mum, after such horrible experiences with the two different types of boots and bar, the ADM boot seems to suit my little boy perfectly." Mum of a child with unilateral Clubfoot and non-compliant with the boots and bar.

“Just wanted to let you know that we are loving the brace so far! I have provided all the information to the XXXX Childrens Hospital and they did some photos of my son with the brace and are very interested in this new device.” Parent of a boy with unilateral Clubfoot.

“Just want to inform you that I have safely received the ADM about 1 month ago. Me and my husband really excited to received it. My baby has been wearing it and it’s a huge relief that now we don’t face any problem to make sure that he is wearing his shoe at night. He can sleep so tight at night while wearing the ADM. But the shoe is quite small to him but still he can fit in. I also can see improvement on his feet by wearing the ADM. I’m truly thankful that I purchased the ADM…Thanks C-Pro Direct… I Love you” Mum of a boy with unilateral clubfoot and non-compliant with the boots and bar.

“Lovely customer service. Always happy and helpful. Very happy. Thank you!” Parent using the Night ADM.

“Hello, this is XXX little foot which thanks to you is improving more and more. From all my heart I thank you, as since he has been wearing your ADM brace we have seen a lot of improvement. Well done!” Parent of a boy who has been using the Night ADM for over two years.

“The ADM has changed our life! Our son was born with unilateral left clubfoot and when he stopped sleeping through the night we tried everything and nothing worked. We live in the US so we have never heard of C-Pro Direct or an ADM. When a friend recommended that we try an ADM it was the best decision we ever made. Our son actually enjoys putting on his "super boot" before bed and has been sleeping fine ever since. More importantly his left foot looks great! We see no signs of regression or weakness whatsoever. We couldn't be happier with C-Pro Direct's customer service and their quality of care in assisting us with all of our questions and needs. Thank you!” Mum of a boy with unilateral Clubfoot using the Night ADM because of the unaffected foot becoming over corrected in the boots and bar.

“Today we went to see Dr XXX for a routine check-up. It's nearly 15 months since we started using the ADMs and most importantly that Dr XXX was very pleased with our child's foot and said that we no longer are required to use the device for the night use. We are very pleased with the news and wanted to thank you and your team for giving us a comfort and peace for 15 months. We don't know how to thank you.” Father of a boy with unilateral clubfoot finishing treatment with the Night ADM.

“Very happy to have this system for our daughter since she only needed one shoe. The surgeon is very happy with its efficiency.” Parent of girl with unilateral Clubfoot.

“Just wanted to drop a message to say thank you again. XXX has now slept through the night in his new boots 5 nights running, something he never did in the boots and bar.” Mum of a boy with bilateral Clubfoot, non-compliant in the boots and bar, now sleeping well in the Night ADMs.

“My sincere thanks and compliments for ADM investigation. We use it for only one month and it's early to tell anything about progress, but it's much better and convenient in use in comparison with alfa flex shoes. Finally Baby (and me too!!) can sleep normally at night and feel free to move. If it only was invented before!” Parent of a child with bilateral Clubfoot, non-compliant in the boots and bar, now sleeping well in the Night ADMs.

“Loads of people are talking about the ADM so thought I'd give a quick update. My child has right clubfoot, was in casts then boots and bar. After his operation, his tendon was still tight - he was always walking on the side of his foot. He is now 16 months been in the ADM 3 months.” Parent of boy with complex Clubfoot.

“So glad I chose you. There is no problem with the product. Shipping came very quickly Everything was perfect.” Parent of child with a Night ADM.

“His feet look great, we have another check on the 30th, and I'm sure they will continue to be happy with his development. I really appreciate all you have done for us, and will let you know when we receive the new ADMs." Mum of a boy with bilateral Clubfoot that had non-compliance of the boots and bars due to blistering of his feet.

“Hello, I would like to share some news. I am on the 7th sky out of happiness! We are using ADMs for nearly 8 months and today we've been to see our strict doctor who was very sceptical and a bit suspicious about the ADM usage. However, the doctor said that the foot looks very good and that he is happy and advised to continue using the ADMs. We are one of the first who decided to try the ADM, we live on the edge of Russia where there aren't many specialists for private consultations, therefore these words are a real "piece of happiness"! Thank you!” Mum of a boy with unilateral Clubfoot.

“Anyway firstly I just wanted to say a huge thank you, so far he is doing great in them and still has great range in his foot, I think it’s getting close to 6 months now he has been using the brace for 12 hr wear at night time to sleep and we have not had a problem with them or his sleeping so for that we are so very grateful. Secondly, I am just an everyday mummy with a clubfoot cutie, but I have really been endorsing your product as i think it’s fabulous, such a wonderful alternative to the boots and bars (XXX only has one foot affected) but I am starting to get a massive amount of interest in the brace and lots and lots of questions by curious parents also trying to find an alternative to boots and bars.” Mum of a boy with unilateral Clubfoot in Australia.



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