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Custom Ponseti AFO Standard Sandals Per Pair - 3 week delivery time


Ponseti AFO Standard Sandals Per Pair in custom colours - no returns or exchanges

Please note: These sandals are in custom colours and will be delivered 3 weeks after we receive your order*.

All sales are final - no returns or exchanges.

These sandals are for use with the Ponseti AFO bar, regardless of the size of the bar (except preemie bars).

With stiff feet, progress can easily be seen as the heels come down further in the sandal each week. Their location can easily be seen through 2 holes in the back of the sandals.

The sandals attach to the bar by means of a ‘Quick Clip’ system which enables the sandals to easily be clipped to, and unclipped from the bar for greater ease of use.

The footware consists of a well moulded rubber footplate and soft straps. The foot is held securely to the footplate and there is no slippage. Babies do not require a period of adjustment and accept the Ponseti AFO readily.

The sandals are available in a range of sizes – see Specifications and Measurements. They can be ordered in split sizes where necessary.

Please contact us for further information.

The sandals must be worn with good fitting socks to prevent any sores or blisters. For ease of use the sandals are supplied with the buckles on the inside.

*Delivery to Russia and Turkey will take longer than 3 weeks.