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Dorsi Ramp Feedback

"Excellent product which is providing support to a programme of physiotherapy for my son (5). He has bilateral talipes corrected using the Ponseti method but has tightness in his Achilles' tendons. He is happy to use the ramp while watching television and cleaning his teeth which makes regular exercising easy to achieve almost without him noticing."

"I am happy to say I found your site. Fortunately the problem was not a large one and passed soon enough, but it is very important that people in the world understand that toe walking must be taken seriously although many doctors say it will pass by a certain age. It affects the balance the strength and much more. I hope that many persons in real need will find your site and understand that some things easily can be fixed easily by using your product. Thank you."

"Fabulous effective item. Super service and fast delivery. Very pleased with product and service provided. Thanks."

"Thank you so so much. You're really fast and so professional. Thank you for all your products, my son is really in good shape thanks to you."

"Perfect confirm that I have received the package today. Thank you so much especially for the efficiency and speed of the operation that here in Italy it seems a mirage!"

"Excellent product, my son is already improving!"

"What a revolutionary success! My 7 year tippy-toe walker old son has been using the Dorsi Ramp for about 2 months. Along with his other stretches for his achilles, the regularity of using the ramp made a huge improvement. We have done it whilst brushing teeth twice a day. Starting on 10 degrees with a wobbly bent body he gradually stood upright with stability. We moved to the 15 degree insert to see how he managed. Within 10 days he could stand firmly upright without bent knees. The flipside is that his stretches are now progressively easier and most importantly, his ankle flexibility has made a defined improvement beyond the impact of only doing physio stretches. I am so impressed. So is he!" Kate Divito, Oxted