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Medical Feedback

“I saw this little guy yesterday. He uses bilateral ADMs as he is now intolerant of Mitchell or Dobbs bars and gets acute knee pain when using these orthoses. With the ADMs he gets no knee pain and sleeps through the night so everyone is much happier.” Orthotist treating a non-compliance case using a pair of Night ADMs.

“I have been having good results with it on the children and I am happy with it over all.” Doctor trialling the Night ADMs.

“XXX’s hindfoot in coming down and XXX’s inner boarder curvature is resolving. Impressive, both have kept with it and are getting better.” Physiotherapist treating two patients with complex Clubfoot and both were relapsing before the Night ADMs.

“Definitely I think your ADM is a winner for CP indications. XXX is willing to wear this device and happy to keep wearing it because unlike the DAFO it is an external correction. That in itself is a big plus for younger patients.” Doctor using the Day ADM for Cerebral Palsy patients with good results.

“All but one of the ADMs have been used on well corrected feet.  The one I have issued for more complex foot has worked well as previously, I was unable to keep the patient in regular Mitchell’s boots and bar.  All of the parents seem to really like the new ADM’s and report increased compliance. Two of the children I have used the ADM with had previously reported some degree of knee pain in the usual boots and bars.  These patients no longer complain of knee pain.” Physiotherapist using both Day and Night ADMs to treat non-compliance or complex Clubfoot.

“The ADM is the most comfortable device our hemiplegic son has used and as a result he is willing to wear it all day unlike traditional devices. The tri-planar motion encourages a much more natural gait than has been achieved with any other orthotic. Traditional devices have a rigid soleplate which restricts proprioceptive feedback from the weight bearing foot but the ADM allows the foot to be in contact with the inner and sole of the shoe. We are grateful to the C-Pro Direct team for their ongoing support and for the difference the ADM has made for us all.” Doctor and Father using the Day ADM on his son with Hemiplegia.